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In today’s world, many families find themselves unexpectedly considering home education.

School violence and bullying are on the rise. The political nature of public education has changed. And, now millions of children are at home in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic.

No matter what your reasons are for starting, we’re here to help!

Families may find themselves overwhelmed with where to begin. It is our goal is to encourage you along the way and provide you with valuable helps and resources that will help you make the best decision for your family.

My kids are stuck at home because of COVID-19. Am I homeschooling?

Not really.

Across the country, schools are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Your children may be at home with you doing school work provided by the school, but it’s TEMPORARY. If you are planning to send your child back to the same school when the doors open again, you are not homeschooling.

But, what if?

  • What if you like the idea of homeschooling and you want to explore your options?
  • What if you don’t want to send them back?
  • What if you explore home education?

We’re here to help!

What About Virtual School Options?

K12, MOCap, and several other virtual schools are viable, school-at-home, public school options for many families. But by definition, they are public school options. Therefore they operate and are subject to different laws and guidelines as home schools (nonpublic, non-accredited).

Civics Education Resource Guide

The next generation doesn't know our history or the principles and beliefs that our country was founded on. They don't realize that this life we have now isn't possible with any other government system. Every other system has failed.

Your Guide to U.S. Civics as a free resource for families to be able to study our founding fathers, founding documents, branches of government, elections, parties and politics, patriotism, and more. It's a resource guide with online articles, videos, and book, movie, and game suggestions. What a perfect year to study civics!

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Are you overwhelmed with the amount of homeschool information?

Home education comes with a great deal of freedom and endless possibilities. Sometimes, the biggest challenge is simply where to begin.

Start Strong Missouri, presented by the Missouri Association of Teaching Christian Homes, Inc and Homeschool University, is a two-week crash course to help you cut through the confusion.

This unique 14-day online course is designed to help new homeschoolers take flight. It includes videos, articles, and panel discussions with veteran homeschoolers who will walk you step-by-step through all the facets of successfully homeschooling your kids. You will love all the practical help and guidance. We’ve also included hours of bonus content to help you dig deeper into individual topics.

We are here to empower you for the greatest job you’ll ever have: teaching your children at home! Perhaps you are only here for the rest of this year, or maybe you have decided that home education is the only education choice for your family. Either way, this course was designed to help you start the homeschool journey with confidence, being fully equipped to do the job well, no matter when you start or how long you choose to home educate.

Start Strong Missouri is awesome for brand new homeschoolers to be able to learn all sorts of information that have been tried over the years. It is also an excellent refresher course for those that have been homeschooling over the years. Everyone that signs up for this course will get a free 1 year membership to MATCH. You will find more information about this during the first session of the course.

Check out more information about Start Strong Missouri or purchase your ticket by clicking below.

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